Sunday, August 22, 2010


I would have killed to have had a SPL housing today! Me and Luke at the last minute decided to trek it down to Yallingup Saturday afternoon hoping that all the swell forecasts were wrong, and they were! After the three hour drive down there we just had enough time before dark to set up our swags and bed for the night. It was pissing down for the majority of the night with SW winds at about 20 knots, that consequently flooded out Lukes swag haha. We woke to find that the radio was left on for too long the night before and that we had a flat battery... which stopped us from checking out rabbits and other spots around Yallingup, but luckily when we got to the beach we found that supers was pumping, with light ESE winds! Below are some photos i took of supers this morning... After we had surfed until the winds changed we headed back up to the car and tried to get  a jump of someone which was unsuccessful, we ended up called the RAC to get the car started... So at the end of the day after f#ck all sleep, two calls made to the RAC, two tanks of diesel and one dead segull we scored some pretty sick waves, which made it all worth it. Enjoy!

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