Friday, July 2, 2010


Where else would be working on a shitty 1.9m swell in perth besides booger box? I'd say no where. This morning Luke and I decided we would go and have a look what booger box was like since there wasn't much swell and the winds were offshore. We got to booger box around 8am and it was freeeezing! i think the sand would have been a degree or two above freezing point haha, but the waves were good and it wasn't too crowded... Here are some photos i took of this morning. Enjoy!

This is the photo that got pretty close to ruining my whole morning! This guy took one of the best waves i have ever seen at booger box... and during the sequence shot my finger lifted a bit and it focused on the sticks in the foreground... but i still don't mind it...

Another good one going unridden...

Another fun little barrel.



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