Friday, May 7, 2010


The past three days i have been walking the cape to cape track for school... The section of the cape to cape track that we walked was along the sea cliffs and beaches of down south. I had been checking the swell forecasts for Margaret River prior to going on the camp and there didn't look like there was going to be much swell at all, but as we were walking there would have been 4 foot sets rolling in consistently. We walked past pea break, smiths, super tubes, yallingup reef, rabbits and three bears which were all throwing up waves around the 4 foot mark... It was pretty depressing having to walk past all these spots, and having to watch all the bodyboarders and surfers getting barrels and having fun whilst we were trekking 32 kilometers, but gets me pretty exited to get down there as soon as i get my license in 34 days! I have no photos which I'm not very happy about (because i couldn't bring my SLR + i didn't have a little digital that i could take with me) but i might be able to get some photos in the next few days.

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