Tuesday, April 13, 2010


FML! Last night i was looking at the all the swell charts (Swellnet, Seabreeze, and Coastalwatch) which we all saying that there was defiantly going to be some swell, but with crap onshore/messy winds. But BOM was saying that it would be moderate NElys... so for some stupid reason i decided to go with the other forecasts and sleep in... this is something that i will never do again because this morning there was swell and the winds were coming straight for the north east! Would have been great to get out of perth and go somewhere good... But after i woke up and saw swellnets daily forecast i immediately spoke to mates of mine Luke, Byron and Ruairidh who where all keen to go down even though the winds had changed. Here are some photos i took of this afternoon. Enjoy.



Empty / Army helicopters 


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